TitanIM - The Future of Simulation Accio

An open


No limits


A global sandbox. An open world. A complete ecosphere in which to create, to experiment - to experience.

There are no limits in TitanIM, geographically or conceptually.

TitanIM is a simulation software platform offering a genuinely new capability. Within minutes of picking up TitanIM for the first time, a user can leverage a whole world representation of Earth and create a new scenario, modify the environment, or participate as a virtual entity - at any point around the world.

In a single integrated program, TitanIM offers:

  • A Point & Click Scenario Constructor
  • Powerful Game-quality Runtime Engine
  • Scenario Debrief with full 3D playback
  • Online Multiplayer Networking
  • Real-time Terrain Editing
  • Global Terrain Database
  • Web-integrated Environment
  • An Open Development Platform



TitanIM is all about scale, and scalability.

TitanIM is capable of recreating planetwide environments from ocean floors to Earth’s orbit at equally high fidelity for any point between. Using the powerful Outerra rendering engine, blades of grass and dirt roads are as eye-pleasing as in any major video game, yet the view from 50,000 feet altitude is suitable for a high-end simulator.

Air, Land, Sea and Space are not separate concepts in TitanIM; they are an uninterrupted continuum, and TitanIM is equally capable of operating anywhere in that scale – or in all domains at once.

TitanIM also embraces the concept of Scalable Users. Not everyone has the same goals or interests or skills in how they approach TitanIM. One user may want to create a simple scenario to quickly test a concept within a few minutes, another may want to author and deliver a complex solution to a need, and another may create a complete self-contained game, simulation or application using TitanIM as a starting platform. TitanIM strives to strike a balance in accommodating all such users without alienating any.



TitanIM provides a user with everything they need out of the box to instantly engage in a high fidelity experience, without limiting that user from changing the nature of that experience.

The capabilities to enable this come in many forms, but broadly break down to five elements – the World and its environment, the Content inside that world, the Scenario that can be authored (from a simple mission to a full standalone application), the User Interfaces, and the External Interfaces available.

To illustrate the experience we’ll use three generic categories on the user spectrum:

  • An End User – operates TitanIM out of the box, a pick up & go experience.
  • A Modder – likes to peek behind the curtain and lightly modify TitanIM, without being a programmer or specialist.
  • A Developer – wants to get under the hood and buried in code or tools to vastly alter TitanIM.

The World

A high fidelity virtual environment out of the box. Based on Earth’s geospecific elevation data, travel to any point on the globe at the click of a button. Every rock and every wave has realistic physics, every tree casts a shadow, and the sun moves across the sky in real time.



A large library of 3D models is included in TitanIM, including buildings, human characters, vehicles and aircraft. Entities feature animation, physics, ballistics, and AI - or manually control any avatar, vehicle or aircraft at any time to walk, drive, or fly anywhere.



A TitanIM user can, out of the box, jump into a premade or freeform scenario, or by using simple point & click tools create their own experience within minutes. Entities can be placed, moved and given directions, which they will follow and interact using Artificial Intelligence. Scenarios can be saved, loaded, edited and sent to other users. A Scenario Debrief function allows a recorded scenario to be replayed from any angle in the world with full time controls.


User Interfaces

A simple point & click User Interface and full support for common Human Interface Devices such as joysticks and gamepads.


External Interfaces

Users can link to other TitanIM users with Multiplayer Networking, both over LAN and online. In addition, many external web elements are integrated with TitanIM out of the box, including Internet Searches, Wikipedia, and the ability to work with Google Docs or view Google Maps.


The World

Internal point & click tools can create or modify roads and building placement, with the terrain morphing around the new additions so they feel like a genuine part of the world.



Characteristics of models can be modified through point & click interfaces or open, text-based configuration files, to change aspects such as vehicle physics, aircraft dynamics, and entity parameters.



For more advanced scenarios, users can access a drag & drop Event system which can trigger actions in the world. They can also alter parameters for interactions between entities and set up various markers and visualisations.


User Interfaces

Change Input Interface settings and tweak the User Interface by modifying exposed HTML text files to change color, theme and text. Add multimedia and web elements to any location, object or entity in the world.


External Interfaces

The web interface is open for experimentation, allowing users to integrate web apps, sites and media. An open TCP/IP socket will also enable integration with external applications in a simple manner.


The World

TitanIM will include a free tool suite for import and management of terrain data at high levels of detail, using an open source intermediary format. Additionally, plugins will be released for industry standard geospatial data applications, starting with ArcGIS.



A full content pipeline includes native import of industry standard .fbx or Collada format models, allowing completely new content to be authored in whatever tool a developer is most comfortable using. Sound files and textures associated with existing content can be modified or replaced as they are left open to the user. The animation system for content is further exposed with the optional purchase of NaturalMotion’s Morpheme:Connect toolkit, allowing integration of motion capture and other advanced animation techniques.



A scripting system features the widely-used javascript language to create and modify complex actions in the world. Paired with a full C plugin interface (described further below), a vast amount of customised control of applications is possible.


User Interfaces

Full control over the visible User Interface to change TitanIM’s appearance to become a completely “new” standalone application or game. This allows TitanIM to be used in custom simulations and embedded applications targeting a direct solution, without confusing a user with unnecessary UI elements.


External Interfaces

An open C plugin API is available for advanced users to create their own advanced DLL plugins to extend TitanIM’s functionality and link it to external applications and devices. This plugin system will be continually expanded based on user requirements and feedback. TitanIM will also support various common interoperability protocols.



Titan Vanguard is AVAILABLE NOW for selected military and commercial projects and is already used in several military organizations and simulators, training soldiers daily.
Please get in touch with your detailed requirements.

Titan is not currently available to home users or for entertainment purposes.







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